VTT dans la région dracénoise


Sunday September 20th 2015 is the date for the famous Enduro event (not a race) Lachens – Montauroux organised by the  foyer rural Tourrette / Fayence.

Program of the day: A bus shuttle from the Montauroux Village to the Lachens summit (the highest summit in the Var) at 1680m elevation. Then 37 Kms ride down, 900m climbing and more than 2000m downhill including a 12kms long descent for more 1000m vertical. Plenty of rocky terrain, a feeding point half way down, a meal at the end and everything for less than 15€. Pretty sweet.

A very nice track, a beautofil sunshine with clear sky a gorgeous view and at the end just an epic day!


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The POD from June 11th in the Verdon gorges. Objective, ride all the wy down!


Gorges du Verdon

Gorges du Verdon


We all had a tire which doesn’t want to clip on the rim when you try to mount it in tubeless mode. Even with the air compressor, a lot of curses and a lot of tire, this one doesn’t want. Usually we all end up using this tire the good old fashion way with an inner tube in it.

Thanks to my friend Phil, I have now a guaranteed solution to solve this problem without effort and very cheap too!

You just need to apply some silicone (for bathroom) between the rim and the tire bead on each side. After that, just pump and your tire clips on the rim without any effort. Don’t forget to wipe the excess silicone on the tire and wait a couple of hours before adding the sealant to let enough time for the silicone to dry.

Don’t worry about the silicone in the rim, it will be very easy to remove when you will change this tire in the future.


Meches de réparation WeldtiteA lot of people think that if you have a hole too big to be repair by the sealant, your expensive tubeless tire is dead or has to be run with a tube in it.

Even if doing a huge puncture like that is rare, it can happens especially if you ride on rocky terrain like we do in the south east of France at Provence Enduro. Luckily there is a solution now using the same principle that mechanics are doing to fix your car tire: it’s the Weldtite Tubeless repair kit. And bonus, you can even fix your puncture on the sid of the trail without removing your wheel from your bike.

The kit provides a set of string, some special glue, a needle to insert the string and a rasp tool.


Once the hole is located and the foreign object remove, use the rasp tool to smoother the hole and makes it better and apply some glue solution in it.

Insert half of the string into the eye of the needle tool and coat everything with the glue. Insert the tool/string the hole until about 1/2 of the string left on the outside. Slowly pull the needle out the hole.

Cut the string about 3 mm from thread and now you can inflate the tire and you’re ready to go.

I tested on a big hole cause by a rock in La Moulière and it works first try.

Tips: The string are very long, cut them in half, it’s enough and it double the number of string you have.


The repair kit cost about 10€ and when you’re gonna run out of string, they are sold separately. It’s easier to find on the internet spare strings than the initial kit needed to install them I found mine on http://www.cycletyres.fr/.

I strongly recommend this product, it’s cheap, it works, it’s easy and fast to do and even can be done on the side of the trail.



Last December I switched to single ring setup using the OneUp Component ring and sprocket. Everything worked fine except just a little bit problem when switching up from the 13T sprocket to the 16T OneUp sprocket. The chain didn’t succeed to engage and I had to shift up twice and shift down one to be able to go on the 16T sprocket. The problem occurs only shifting up never shifting down.

The 16T sprocket is not one of the most used sprocket for me so it was not a big deal for me. But recently on French MTB forum I found someone with the same setup than me who had the same problem than me. So I decided to email OneUp Component to ask if they know why it does that. After a few hours they emailed me back with a voucher code to get the new 16T sprocket which fixed this issue for free (I didn’t ask for a refund or anything). So I ordered the new sprocket, 3 days later it arrived in my mailbox, I installed it and the new sprocket fixes all the problems.


Overall, I want to give a lot of thumbs up to OneUp Component for their awesome customer service. It’s rare to have a customer service as good as that in the MTB industry. So good product, great customer service: OneUp Component is definitively a company I recommend!