VTT dans la région dracénoise

Lapse Production is back with a nice small edit in the Grande Chapelle and the Yaya trail at the heart of Provence Enduro trail network.




After the Figabike our last sunday ride was with some Ludovic friends coming directly from the Bouches du Rhone departement. A nice ride on the Hill between Draguignan and Figanieres in the Provence Enduro backyard.

We were a small group of 10 riders at the beginning, a little bit less at the end. After our ride, we had some lunch and beers at the Malmont summit to finish quite niecly the morning. At the agenda this day and in the right order: la Wazou, La T-Rex, les Epingles, Le Botanique and fiinally the Black River.

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The last months were very busy for provence Enduro MTB. Between racing in different regional Enduro races like the Enduro Oppidum in Les Arcs sur Argens (83) in February, The Cochonduro in Bras (83) under a cold and constant rain in March and Sospel Beverally enduro (06) again in March with again cold and rainy conditions, we still manage to find some time to shape our local trails.

Despite the rainy Novembre month, the strong wind in spring, the cold in the winter months and the constant demolition work perform by our local wild board on the trails, we managed to open news trails or new sections in existing trails.


Since December the local mountain bikers community worked for you to open the following new trails:

We did some maintenance and improvement on the existing trails too:

  • Creation of berms and new technical features on the  Black River
  • Log clearing  on the Yaya++
  • Cut branches and small trees to open more the Canyon trail.
  • Clearing some branches, rocks and small stumps removal on the Gilles
  • Clearing rocks and stones on the Tunis Express
  • Clearing rocks and stones on the  liaison Canyon
  • Branches and bushes clearing on the falaises
  • Start a re routing on the nain to avoid damaged sections.
We also made mountain bike jersey with our partner MobnCycles for the local mountain bikers and also for our sponsored Enduro and DH riders.


And of course we rode our bike all winter long and numberous riders had the chance to enjoy our local network trails for a Week End or over a longer period of time. Our more distant guest came from Wales to ride during 4 days for us mid February and escaped the winter UK mud.

Now spring is here and summer time is knoking on the door, it’s time to be fit to enjoy the summer time the most. Don’t hesitate to take a look to our stays offer for this spring.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any informations.









Finally the Provence Enduro MTB / Mob n Cycles jersey are here.

You will be able to see our riders with the jerseys on differents Enduro and DH events on the locals and nationals races.

And of course, on our friend in the Draguignan area.

For example during our last ride with VTT Dracenie on Sunday March 29th in Figanieres (riders from the left to the right: Benoit, Patrick, Stephane and Serge)



The Mavic Crossmax ST wheel set is a popular choice for high end wheelset for our Mountain Bike. After more than 3 saisons with them, this is a quick long term review.

I ride with this wheelset mainly in the Var region, in Provence, France. My type of riding is more Enduro but without long downhill run in the mountains and almost never mud or wet conditions.

Weight: no doubt, it’s light: less than 1700g for the wheelset.

Rim strenght: Not too bad overall in light Enduro  use. I didn’t have any trouble with the rims.

Spokes: In average I broke 2 spokes a year minimum at the rear. Nor complicate or expensive to change but quite annoying.

Hubs: The rear hub is the main problem on the wheelset. I had a lot of trouble through 3 years with the rear hub like:

  • Play in the rear hub: Mavic has a system with a special screw to tight up the hub. This part unscrew by itself and you need to rescrew it with the right tool all the time. At the end, my hub had always a small annoying play.
  • Problem with the freewheel: The freewheel need a lot of attention. It needs to be clean and oiled very frequently to works properly.
  • Teflon bushing in the freewheel: Instead of having bearing, the freewheel use a teflon bushing. The cassette get a lot of lateral play very quickly and I had to change in average every 2 years the complete freewheel (45€).
  • Overall Hub strenght: I fanally cracked in two the hub like shown in the photo above.

Overall, Mavic sell it’s wheelset for an expensive price and honnestly I never had so many problems with my wheelset before. On Hope hubs, the maintenance is reduce to bearing change sometimes and that’s pretty it. I never experienced so many problems with the freewheel and I never cracked in two a hub.

Even if a Hope wheelset is a little bit heavier than the mavic, it’s cheaper and stronger: a better deal overall without questions.

It’s too bad because Mavic is doing quite good rims. But now the Mavic marketing is all about wheelset: it’s nearly impossible to find any rim alone in 27.5 diametre for example.