VTT dans la région dracénoise
  • Insurance?

    You need to have personal insurance coverage to cover rescue and medical bills in France.
  • What kinds of trails am I going to find?

    The region offers a lot of different types of trails. Usually the ascents are on dust roads and the descents are always on technical singletracks.

    We are in the south east of France which is known for rockey sections and spiky vegetation.

    In the Maure area (Les Arcs, Rocquebrune sur Argens) the terrain is more sandy and less technical.

    Muddy trails?   What is a muddy trail?

  • What type of bike do I need?

    The ideal bike is an Enduro or All-Mountain bike with 120mm to 160mm of travel.

    Reinforced tires are usually better. Very light tires have a tendancy to rip open.


  • When is the best time period to come?

    All year long except July and August. It’s too hot to ride during these 2 months and a lot of differents area (like the Maure massif) are closed to the public because of forest fire risks.

    As well, the loop in the Verdon canyon from Trigance is closed from December to March due to snow.

  • Do I need a GPS?

    If you decide to ride with us and if we are available, a GPS is not required. If we are not available or if you want to ride alone, a GPS is essential.  We will provide GPS tracks and printed maps.  The trails are not easy to find and some trail entrances are hidden.  Ninety percent of the trails are not on the official IGN maps.

    If you don’t have a GPS you can rent one for €20 per day.

  • I over estimated my fitness, is it possible to shorten the loop?

    All the trails form a very dense network. It’s easy to shorten a ride for those who are tired and meet with the rest of the group later. It’s also easy to add trails to extend the loop.
  • In case of a mechanical problem, are there any bike shops in the area?

    We have a workshop with all of the most common tools and small parts you’ll need like screws, derailleur cables, etc…. If we don’t have the part in stock, there are different bike shops available in the area. They are open everyday except on Sundays and Monday mornings.
  • What languages do you speak?

    We speak French and English