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Matesrace: The Strava Challenge for everybody

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matesraceStrava is higly addictive but we have try to beat the KOm on changing trails. From one year to another, the trail can change and it could be impossible to beat the last year KOM due to a re routing for example on the trail. Matesrace is a website linked to Strava and offers you to create Strava Challenges.

The principle is quite simple. You create a challenge with 5 Strava segments maximum, you decide for how long the Challenge will be on (from one day to several months) and everybody who decide to enter the Challenge have their attempts accounted in the system. At the end the winner is the rider who has the overall best time. It’s like creating your own Enduro race for you and you buddies. Everything is based onthe Strava time recorded.

The website is very simple and clear and you log into the website through your Strava account. Just a tip, too add a segment into the Challenge, you need to “Starred” the segment to be able to select it. This a another higly addictive application for your Strava.

The website is here: http://www.matesrace.co.uk/

Take a look tou the first Provence Enduro challenge: http://www.matesrace.co.uk/event/721


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