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Molini di Triora: Another Finale Ligure

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Everybody know Finale Ligure with the Italians trails and shuttle services. But not far away from Finale, also in Liguria, close to San Remo is lcoated the small village of Molini di Triora. In the heart of the Ligurian Alps, the village is at the bottom of the valley at 400m high and the ridges surrounding the village reach the 1400m elevation. Of course to link the bottom to the top, there are plenty of small steep Italian roads. The combination of the two makes Molini an incredible spot for Enduro and Dh biking assisted with shuttling service.

The trails are long, very long with an average between 700 to 1000m of descent per run, the shuttle time is short, the trails awesome to ride and the view on the mountains on one side and on the Sea on the other is just splendid. Molini is definitvely THE spot to ride on the Italian Riviera.

And you can add super friendly guides and shuttling service, a very nice bike friendly Hotel (The Santo Spirito) which provide very good food for a very affordable price. You are very very close to the perfect place for your mountain biking getaway only 1h30 drive from the Nice Airport.

For our WE trip, it’s Frederico de

Freeride Spririt who organized the whole trip including the shuttles, Hotel, Lunchs, Brakfast and Diner. It was just perfect for us. You need a minimum of 4 riders and a maximum of 5. If you don’t need a guide you can add another rider.

You can ride in Molini almost all year long. Be aware of the snow in the winter which can block some of the trail. The top of the ridge is around 1400m so snow is common during the winter month. On March 30th 2018, some of the higher trails were block by the snow and we were at the limit of the snow on some others.

Because of the low elevation of the Village, it can be very hot during the summer month. So the best period to ride is spring and fall.

About the trails, you have everything. From technical to flow trails, roots, rocks, loamy dirt, off camber, berms, some jumps and drops… Everything is in a very good conditions without braking bumps. With the super long trails, after a full day of riding you should be sleeping very well.


From the France border, use the Arma di Taggia exit then drives up in the valley for about 25 Kms (30min). The road pass through Molini and the meeting point is at the village entry close to the soccer field.

The Trails: 

The Trailforks map is not updated with all the trails available in the area. According to our guide there are about 25 trails availables around Molini.


Molini Freeride on Trailforks.com


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