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OneUp Component: a great customer service

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Last December I switched to single ring setup using the OneUp Component ring and sprocket. Everything worked fine except just a little bit problem when switching up from the 13T sprocket to the 16T OneUp sprocket. The chain didn’t succeed to engage and I had to shift up twice and shift down one to be able to go on the 16T sprocket. The problem occurs only shifting up never shifting down.

The 16T sprocket is not one of the most used sprocket for me so it was not a big deal for me. But recently on French MTB forum I found someone with the same setup than me who had the same problem than me. So I decided to email OneUp Component to ask if they know why it does that. After a few hours they emailed me back with a voucher code to get the new 16T sprocket which fixed this issue for free (I didn’t ask for a refund or anything). So I ordered the new sprocket, 3 days later it arrived in my mailbox, I installed it and the new sprocket fixes all the problems.


Overall, I want to give a lot of thumbs up to OneUp Component for their awesome customer service. It’s rare to have a customer service as good as that in the MTB industry. So good product, great customer service: OneUp Component is definitively a company I recommend!




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