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Ride alone: a beacon for your safety

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Riding with buddies is a lot of fun but sometimes you can’t find anybody to meet your schedule and you’re ending riding alone with always the risk to crash in the middle of nowhere in the woods. Luckily the cell phone helps in case of crash to seek assistance but you don’t always reception in the middle of the wood and even if you have some, you have to be able to reach your phone and hope it’s not destroy in your bag.

I just tested for you a nice small app available on smartphone IOS  an Android to help you i this case. Viewranger is an GPS application with mapping capabilities, routing options etc etc but in our case it’s another functionality we are gonna use: the beacon.

In the option menu you can find a buddy beacon button function. You just need to create a free account on the website, connect your smartphone on this account, choose a PIN  to protect your privacy and turn on the repeat beacon option, choose the frequency from 30 seconds to 4 minutes. The smartphone will send your position every 2 minutes for example to the viewranger server. It doesn’t consumes alot of battery and can be run in the same time than your Strava.

The person who is suppossed to look after you also need a viewranger account to connect on the Viewranger website to access the Buddy Beacon tab. Then he need to add you ID (usually your email) and the PIN  you already gave him.

It allows the person to follow you in real time during your ride and locate you in case of crash. At best, your smartphone is still intact and you have reception so it will give the exact position to the rescue team. Worst case scenario, the last beacon is 2 min away and gives a good idea of the area you are in.


In other words the viewranger buddy beacon is simple tool, low energy consuming, Strava compatible which assure you to be found in a reasonable amount of time.




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