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Ride March 8th 2015 on the Malmont hill

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March 8th 2015 the meeting point was set on the Malmont Hill in Draguignan, Var, France for an enduro ride with the VTT Dracenie group and some other riders from other parts of the Var department.

On the agenda today, first we started with “les epingles” a switchback paradise, then training on rolling rocking steps on the “Marcassin” trail, work on your acceleration capabilities on the “Tunis express”, train on the technical rock section in the “T-Rex” trail, enjoy the nice berms on the Bip-Bip and re train again on the technical rock section and mini drops on the “Black River” trail.

Despite a fex crash for some riders (without any injuries), everybody enjoy the day of riding under the spring sunshine.

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