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Ride: T-Rex, BipBip and Black River

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Last Sunday February the 8th, ride in some on the most technical trails around Draguignan and the Malmont area. First of all, the Black River. It’s a new trail opened in parrarrel of the blue River Bed trail criss crossing this trail with a lot of differents technical features along it. Rock face, technical slow speed drop and other fun features are along the side. So now at the same place we have the choice betwwen a fast blue trail or a double black slow trail, eveything in less than 20m wide.

uAfter that, we rode on the Tunis Express to connect to the next trail: La BipBip. Recent trail, very flowy and still a litlle bit sleepery when wet. The ground didn’t have enough time to packed itself enough. But even when slippery it’s such a good trail to ride.

And to finish, the T-Rex: A slow speed, very technical trail with tight corners, rock faces and some other technical feature all the way down.


To resume our ide of the day, here some photos:


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