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Test: Onza IBEX DH RC RC2 55a

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Onza-IbexAfter using all summer and begining of fall, my two Panaracer tires, spending a lot of time repairing flats and sliding all the time because of the lack of grip, I decided to test my second unknown tire: Onza IBEX DH.

Onza a Swiss tire manufacturer quite unknown in France. Despite that, we can find quite easily theses tires on the main French online shop and also on the Commencal online store. On top of that, the tires are quite cheap: you can find them around 35€ for a dual compound rubber. Onza has a lot of different options for each tire and the main problem is to find the right combination of option you want in the store.

We can resume the different option in this list:


  • Casing: DHC for double ply for downhill and FRC for Enduro
  • Casing: 60 or 120 TPI (with kevlar for the 120)
  • Rubber compound in shores
  • RC2 for dual dual compound (RC2 55a means dual compound 65/55)

The RC2 45a compound is only available for the DHC casing. For more details, check the Onza web site

nThe very good news is the resistance / weight ratio for the FRC casing. I have an IBEX DH FRC RC2 55a in 2.4 and it’s only 900 grammes for a tire this size. With a FRC120 TPI casing you can have a 840 grammes tire. The second very good surprise is how thick are the sidewall. If you don’t know it’s a FRC casing it’s very easy to misjudge and guess that the tire is a double ply.


With this with and the big knob, we can imagine very easily that this tire is not made to be the first on top of the climb. After a few pedal stroke, we can defitively say that this tire is not XC at all. It’s an enduro tire made for gravity riding.


Grip during braking and corner:

I had a very good surprise. The tire grips well during breaking and corner very well. Even on dry and hard packed terrain, the tire is very safe. I usually inflate it around 1.6 bars to have a good grip and no risk of flats even in the worse rocky sections. This tire can easily compare to the Maxxis tire like the double plys Minion in term of grip and flats resistance. I don’t know how is the tire in muddy conditions because it’s never muddy where I ride. On dry and hard packed ground it’s perfect.


Flats resistance:

This tire is a very good surprise. The tire doesn’t deform even at low pressure and even at 1.5 bars there is absolutly no problems with snake bites. The tire is also very resistant to spikes. It’s like having a double ply tire with 300 grammes less on the scale.



I’m very pleased with this Onza. The ratio weight / resistance / grip is excellent. I as a fan of Maxxis tires, but I think I’m gonna change for the Enduro riding to Onza to save a few grammes on the bike with the safety on almost double ply casing resistance. On top of that, the tire is cheaper than the maxxis dual compound.

The tire doesn’t wear out too fast too.

The only downside of this tire is the poor rolling resistance and the difficulty to fond in the store the right combinaison of option you want.

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