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Test: Schwalbe Hans Dampf long review

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This winter I decided to test in the Provence Enduro MTb backyard to test the Schwalbe Hans Dampf tire. So I ride a Hans Dampf SnakeSkin Trailstar in front on my Enduro bike and I also tried a Super Gravity pacestar version at the rear on mu DH bike. Overall, I rode my Enduro bike for the last 6 month and put more than 900 Kms on the tire.


Hans Dampf Snakskin Trailstar 2.35 on the Enduro bike

1/ Traction and cornering:

This tire is OK without being exceptional. It’s definitively a tire fo soft ground conditions. In the south of France, during winter time, it’s never muddy but the ground is often soft hich are the best conditions for this tire. When you loose traction when cornering, the tire gives your a warning before so it’s easy to anticipate. I can’t say anything about this tire in muddy conditions because we never have theses kind of conditions around here.

When the ground becomes harder and dryer like in spring time, the tire is less good. It looses traction pretty eaysly on very hard packed surfaces. Overall this tire is OK for winter riding in the South of France.

2/  Durability:

The Trailstar version has issues with the side knob getting ripped off. It’s quite frustrating because the rest of the tire is in pretty good conditions. After 900 Kms of riding it’s still possible to ride it but it won’t last very long. Overall the durability of this tire is for me below average.

3/ Punctures:

The Snakeskin sidewalls are doing their job fine. I didn’t have a single flat by snakebite or anything. Despite our rocky and hard terrain, the job is well done especially for a 750 grams tire.

 Hans Dampf Super Gravity Pacestar on the Downhill bike

1/ Traction

I tried the Hans Dampf en gomme Pacestar (hard compound)  SuperGravity (heavy) on my downhill bike at the rear at the Mouliere Bike Park.

La Moulière is a small bike park is in the south of France, 1h away from Provence Enduro with a very rocky and loose terrain. At the rear, the Hans Dampf was not very good on this type of terrain. Cornering and traction is poor on the dry loose dust and on the rocks. It’s not a good tire for theses conditions.

2/ Durability:

On the durability side, this is just catastrophic. The knob got ripped off so quickly and after only 4 days in la Moulière (3000m vertical by day), the tire is wear out at around 50%. to compare, a Maxxis 60a compound last me 3/4 of the season in la Mouliere.

On the sidewall, the rubber is so thin that it get peeled of on the rocks. Despite this issue, it doesn’t seems to affect the resistance of the sidewall.


Usure a 50% aprés moins de 4 sorties

50% wear out after 4 rides

Usure des flancs

Sidewall problems









3/ Punctures:

Despite the sidewall peeling, I didn’t have a flat at all which is a good surprise. La Moulière is just a nightmare for the tire and if a tire can resist to it, you can be sure it will resist to everything else.




The Hans Dampf is a tire for soft terrain and not hard packed ground. The durability of the trailstar version in front is below average. The Snakeskin version is doing its job pretty well.

But don’t use this tire even in pacestar compound for a downhill use in hard and rocky terrain.


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