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Tips of the day: how to clip a very difficult tire for a tubeless use.

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We all had a tire which doesn’t want to clip on the rim when you try to mount it in tubeless mode. Even with the air compressor, a lot of curses and a lot of tire, this one doesn’t want. Usually we all end up using this tire the good old fashion way with an inner tube in it.

Thanks to my friend Phil, I have now a guaranteed solution to solve this problem without effort and very cheap too!

You just need to apply some silicone (for bathroom) between the rim and the tire bead on each side. After that, just pump and your tire clips on the rim without any effort. Don’t forget to wipe the excess silicone on the tire and wait a couple of hours before adding the sealant to let enough time for the silicone to dry.

Don’t worry about the silicone in the rim, it will be very easy to remove when you will change this tire in the future.


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