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Trail of the day: the T-Rex

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For the Trail of day on Provence Enduro is a brand new trail create by Serge last december and still in process of improvement, the T-Rex.

The trail start almost at the end of the Upper Taique trail and arrive on the Vallon de Cassade access road. 600m long for 70m of descent. The first start of the trail is climbing a littble bit before accessing to the fun part of the trail.

The trail is very technical and low speed. It’s a succession of rocks, rock face, off camber section and tight switchbacks. On the last part of the trail, it’s a little bit more faster with some technical rock face and steps to ride. Right now the trail is still on a working progress with some modification scheduled on the top section to add more flow.

In some way, this kind of technical terrain reminds me some technical and low speed trail on the North Shore in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

On wet conditions, the trail is a lot more challenging with all the off camber slippery rocks. Despite that, the trail is never dangerous and it’s a very good trail to increase your speed on technical rocky sections and tight switchbacks.

La T-Rex on Trailforks.com

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